Adventures in Aquaponics – Week 2 Update | Knowledge Vault

It has just been under two weeks since the inception of the experiment. There have been some downs and some ups but we continue to enjoy our adventure.

The remaining two fish continue to live, I didn’t expect it either! They are both eating well and seem to be doing well for the moment. The water is starting to get cloudy again, the same cloudiness that I experienced when the last four fish were killed. That doesn’t mean the fish will die, of course it does not mean they won’t!

The pea plant died a horrible death, but the plants still continue to fare better than the fish ever did. The lettuce has some great roots and is starting to get bulkier. The tomato plant is growing huge roots and still looks decent. I theorize that the tomato plants roots are so well developed is that it is searching for food it so desperately craves.  The pepper plants are just there, they have started decent roots but are not really growing at all.

The fish still live
The plants are growing!

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