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It’s colorful, it’s wormy, it’s a personal recycling plant, and it’s easy as pie. If you’re not yet a compost-er, please become one. If you’d like to be inspired or to know how, please read-on. If you already do compost, high-five! Now go and tell five friends to get on the composting train.

I’ve always been a compost-keen person, only sometimes wasn’t lucky enough to live in a city that collected those gorgeous green beans each week. This usually didn’t stop me, but without a garden to toss all the goods in, sometimes I’d get lazy and toss it all in the bin (American translation: trash can).

There is no reason not to compost. If you have a bit of space, you can make a compost out of a old trash bin (plastic), a slatted wooden box, or even construct a chicken-wire structure that will keep it all in. There are so many different kinds of composts (hot/cold/layered, etc…), most of which I’m not completely sure of the exact difference between. What I do know is every single piece of plant-based kitchen scrap of mine goes into my compost, goes into the soil, feeds the worms, makes plants delightfully happy, and therefore is a win-win-win-win situation. You honestly can’t go wrong.

Why waste all that good and nutritious grub by throwing it in a landfill? It doesn’t help any of the toxic waste and dirty nap pies lying around in mountainous piles of crap-o-la. It will help any gardening you do, and of course if you live in a city with gorgeous green bins, all you have to do is set a reminder and get to wheeling!

So, how to? Read on in my Jackie’s Harvest tips for all…

How to Compost, Easily!

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