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Keep it organic-One thing I leaned over the years is mother nature knows how to take care of her garden. She doesn’t add chemical fertilizers or use insecticides. She lets nature take care of pests and diseases naturally. So why are we not doing the same? Growing organically was something our grandparents did. Along came the 1950’s and chemicals were invented to make our lives easier but at what expense? Fast forward to this century and many of us are trending to organic growing. I have been growing organically for twenty years. So what does organic mean?

When you grow organically you are not using any pesticides at all. Pesticides cover everything from insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. Here in Delta, we live in a pesticide free community.So what are the organic alternatives? I like to use fish fertilizer, Gaia brand fertilizers and home blends as well. Yes, you can make your own fertilizers. So does it work? It does. What you need to do is practice integrated pest management. Take a walk every day in the garden and look at whats going on around you. See a few aphids, get the hose and wash them off or squish them if you like. Nipping problems as soon as you see them makes for a healthier garden. When you stop using pesticides, the beneficial insects start to call your garden home.

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