Get Growing Great lever, the sequel | BOLTON URBAN GROWERS

We always try to make our projects last whenever possible, and this year will continue with the ‘Get Growing Great Lever’ project by offering local people plants and seeds, and of course support if they need it with anything growing related. Our initial Get Growing project in Great Lever focused on working with families within the area, this year we will work with these same families and also newer prospective growers in the area.

Growers without gardens or yards

We appreciate that not everybody has a garden or yard in which to grow their own food, so one of the things that we have decided to do is to make available resources for growing on sunny window sills. We should never underestimate the importance of window sills as growing spaces, it is not difficult to grow salad crops all throughout the summer and deep into the autumn on window sills, similarly, plants like tomatoes, peppers and chilli’s thrive in these warm indoor spaces.


As we have only just sown many of the seeds for this project, we have other work to do such as contacting our growers, and looking for new growers, I have spoken to one or two of last years growers and its game on for growing again this year, so all being well, we will out and about talking and growing in the coming weeks.


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