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To be honest I procrastinated in buying my seeds but I have purchased some, I found some nice perennial flower mixes that I plan on planting. One thing I have found is that perennials are much easier to deal with as they come back each year and you don’t have to worry about replanting.

One thing I never knew was that perennials roots, since their root systems never die, can grow very deep into the soil, grabbing certain minerals and nutrients and drawing them to the top for other plants. It’s amazing to see how nature helps each other to flourish and thrive.

My biggest reason for wanting to plant perennial wildflower mixes is that I haven’t noticed the amount of bees that were here when we moved in so I want to attract more bees to my property. At some point I will buy a container for bees so that way they can build their own hive here, plants will not thrive without bees, everything is connected.

This year I also decided to plant as much stuff as I can, even if it’s just a seed mix that I can easily spread and forget about. I really want to get rid of a lot of this grass around our home, it doesn’t serve a purpose and I am wasting the potential contained within my soil.

Lesson number 2 of permaculture is plant, it doesn’t matter what, like I heard on a movie one time, “see a need, fill a need”. If you see that your area lacks something like bees, then you should plant something around your property to attract them back. I bought a rhubarb plant even though I don’t like rhubarb, my reasoning for that is that I wanted to have a nice diversity of plants around. I don’t want to plant only things I like, I want to plant other varieties as well since they may be the key to pest resistance or the key to unlocking the nutrients needed for another plant near it.

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