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My Self mix Potting soil guide :

Base on my own opinions on how to determine a good medium for plants:

Loamy + Good Aeration + can retain moisture

^ These are the base soil before adding in nutrients

Clay soil that is commonly known that it gets harden and might suffocate the plant, But now during my trial I am adding in some clay soil to mix with my compost, i balanced up as my soil could be too rich,

Recipe :

1 part Perlite (for aeration / loamy / water contain)

1 part vermiculite OR 1 part Cocopeat ( For moisture retaining)

2 part Clay soil + Black soil (they are cheap and to be use to balance the rich compost and perlites  )

1 or 2 part Local Soil  / Potting Mix

2 part Compost

Before planting the greens, add 1 or 2 tbsp of vermicompost + Epsom Salt(Magnesium) + Garden lime (Or Egg shell crushed)(Calcium).  THis is especially useful for heavy feeder plants like corn and tomato. But this is for rooted small plants.


For Germinating the seeds, you only need potting mix and some vermicompost.

Happy Gardening!

If you have other opinions and feedbacks, or better idea on Soil Mixture in Malaysia, You are welcome to comment below, THanks!

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