Chickens and Sunshine – A Few of My Favourite Things!

My backyard hens bring me a disproportionate amount of joy just by being themselves. I love watching them scratch, sleep, bathe, bicker, and indiscriminately raise the alarm that the world might be ending. It amuses me to no end to see the chickens sprawled sleeping all over the deck. I am pleased that they are comfortable enough to pass out 2 feet from my cats who are also sleeping just inside the door.

We haven’t had much sun around here lately. The last six weeks have just been this endless dreary march of cold, grey, sadness. I need my sunshine. It helps me get off my ass and do things. Things like starting my seeds which is on my to-do list for later today. And finding out what’s hiding in the bottom of the chest freezer from last season and whether it’s still edible.

So, on this official start to Spring 2015, I have both sunshine and chickens. I don’t believe that it gets much better than that.