I literally only have a few minutes, but I wanted to share some pictures of the bees.  I have been seeing a lot of action in and out of the hives and a lot of pollen being taken in but I have not taken the opportunity to do an inspection.  This afternoon I allotted a few hours and did inspections on four of the six hives.

Each colony lives in a bee hive.  I am using the Langstroth system, so I can add and subtract as many boxes as I want to each colony throughout the year.  Last winter I made sure that each colony had at least two deep boxes full of honey to get through the winter.  A few of the weaker colonies died off leaving me six colonies this spring.  Each of my boxes contain nine or ten frames in which the bees fill with honey for winter, or lay eggs in during the spring and summer.

Here is a picture of a frame in which the bees have consumed the honey in the middle and are now preparing to use that area to lay eggs.

The above picture is of the “brood” or eggs that have been laid by the queen and have been capped over waiting for them to emerge.

Here is a picture of a new born bee.  If you are able to zoom in on the picture you will see that she is very fuzzy.  The fuzz will be worn off as she gets older by the other bees.  She happened to crawl up on my hand as I was doing an inspection, so we talked a bit before I put her back into the hive.

This weekend I will look in on the other two colonies and see at what stage they are in.  A few of the colonies have started laying drone(male) cells which means that swarming season will be with us soon.    I will try and answer any questions and take some more pictures soon.

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