Researchers obtain substitute for natural gas generated from waste

The Center for Research and Technological Development in Electrochemistry (CIDETEQ) in Mexico has obtained biogas from “garbage or organic waste”, having replaced part of the natural gas used by the Pilgrim’s company in the state of Querétaro, which produces chicken, and in Xaquixe, a company that makes glass art in the state of Oaxaca.

Since 2008, the center began a research project with support form the Program of Incentives for Innovation of the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt) to use waste, fats, processed residue and water with high loads of the Pilgrim’s company to generate biogas .

The engineer Arnulfo Terán Lopez, head of the group of alternative energies at CIDETEQ explains that when research began at Pilgrim’s they collaborated with specialists from the University of Brandenburg, Germany.

For this work, the center evaluated the potential of water with high loads. They benefited from the fat and the remainders of processed chicken to generate biogas at a pilot level. The project aimed to purify biogas, compress and conduct it for use in boilers that generate steam. Researchers found that it was possible to replace all the natural gas consumed in the company with biogas.

“With the project in Querétaro, the company Xaquixe of Oaxaca realized it was feasible. They visited us and the relationship between academia and the enterprise has being going for three years,” says the Mexican researcher.

The first stage consisted of research to determine whether the project was viable, the second phase was the construction of the pilot plant and currently researchers will scale the technology to an industrial level in the field of recycled glass, which can be extended to processing handmade pottery in Oaxaca.

via Researchers obtain substitute for natural gas generated from waste.