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There is a question that rears its head every now and again that I am asked; “I don’t have much time to make changes but how can I make easy simple changes to be more earth friendly and sustainable?” So I thought I would tackle this question today with 6 of my simplest tips on how you can be earth friendly and sustainable without spending a lot of time or money making changes.

Swop your usual cleaning products, shampoo, shower gel for Dr Bronner castile soap. Just one bottle of this castile soap will clean your whole entire house and your self. By swapping you are not only going to save money but instead of having to recycle several plastic bottles you only have one, cutting down on your plastic usage.  You can find out all the things you can do with Dr Bronner castile soap here.

Compost everything you can as this not only saves space in your rubbish bin it also  stops unnecessary waste ending up in landfill sites. The bonus to composting your waste is you can feed your garden with it, giving the earth back its nutrients that have been taken out. Some councils give away or sell composting bins at a very low cost. Or if you have a spare bin, drill holes evenly all the way around your bin starting from the bottom to the top, pop the lid back on and you have your own handmade composting bin.

As soon as the warm spring weather is with us, dry your clothes on the line. Mother nature not only dries your clothes for you without costing anything she also adds the most fantastic freshness smell to your clothes. When the weather is not on our side air dry your clothes as much as you can inside by  hanging clothes on coat hangers over the heaters you have on and investing in a airier. The heat from your home will dry your clothes in no time and  the cost of  heating  your home has also dried you laundry. Win Win.

Bake your own cakes and bread from scratch, you will not only be filling your home with tasty delicious smells but also you will be reducing the package waste that ends up in your bin, that then heads off to landfill when you buy shop bought cake and bread. Oh and of course making it your self is also healthier for you and your family as its not full of nasty preservatives. Get your family together and as they say on the British bake off “BAKE”.

Be economical with your fashion, just because the shops are changing their fashion items every few months does not mean you have too. Look at your clothes and see if you can refresh them with either adding an accessory or completely altering them into a new item of clothing. Here  are some ideas of how to can alter your clothes. If you don’t fancy the idea of sewing, try swapping the high street shops for the secondhand shops. Second hand shops are great fun to explore as you never know what you might find and you will pick up some fantastic bargains saving you lots of pennies in your purse. Or you you could host a clothes swop party with your friends over a glass of wine.

In every house I know there is always a bed sheet, towel, duvet cover etc.. that has gone past its time for its usual use. These make great replacements for your paper towels, dusters, dish clothes, babies wet wipes, make up removal wipes, you name it. Cut them up into the size you need and the sew a hem all the way around, well la, you now have a washable replacement for all those paper throw always. This not only saves you money but also cuts down on the waste your home creates.

I could go on but then we would all be here for the next 20 hrs reading everything. Just by doing these simple 6 things you will be well on your journey to starting to live a more earth friendly sustainable lifestyle.

Over to you, what are you best simple quick tips for a greener living ?

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