Vegetable Beds and Forest Garden Progress

This afternoon was dull but rather warm so we were able to get on with things outside. Most of the vegetable beds are now dug!

Progress on the vegetable beds continues apace.

Meanwhile, I did some clearing in the forest garden. We are going to get it ready so we can build the chicken coop at the weekend. There are some beautiful shrubs in there already but they have become very overgrown.

Thicket Clearance in progress. The gravel path is now revealed.
Bio-Mass. We will burn the thicker sticks in the garden chiminea when we sit outside in summer. The leaves will be composted and twigs will build up the hugelkultur herb and flower garden. No waste.

The area for the chicken coop is now more or less clear, though there is still some more vigorous cutting back to be done in other parts of the orchard/ future forest garden.

Another overgrown section completely obscuring the path.

Clearing back the shrub layer a bit will allow us to use the existing gravel paths once a lot of the grass below the trees is given over to growing and it will also allow us to create the lower layers you would expect to see in a forest garden.

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