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Last I checked we’re in the 21st century, right?

What happened to flying cars like in The Jetsons?  Wasn’t that supposed to have happened already?  Robot butlers.   Sidewalks replaced by conveyor belts.

It’s 2015.  Why do we still drop calls?  Why is the internet slow?  Why do we still use energy from archaic sources?  Wait…what?

Solar.  Why is it in today’s world that solar is reserved for only those that can afford it?  Why is it so expensive to begin with?  Why is it that when someone really wants to go green, save the planet, cut their bills, etc, they only find themselves replacing their electric bill for either a solar lease or a solar payment?

Get with the times.

Solar is the new power source.  The one source that we can count on to be there in our lifetimes.  New PV (photovoltaic) technology is coming out constantly, which lowers the costs of the material yet those selling these systems aren’t helping out the consumers by lowering the prices to a point that it makes a difference.

If I try shedding $50 to $100 per month off of my electric bill by installing solar on my home, I end up spending up to $100 for that privilege.  What gives?  Isn’t the point to cut spending?

The US government tries to soften the blow by providing incentives, rebates and tax credits.  Don’t get me wrong, a $2000 tax credit helps, but that is like a 5-10% off coupon if most solar systems cost $28,000 or greater.   (click here to see the latest incentives)

Why are solar panels not a standard with every new building that is put up?  The reason  is simple.  It’s greed.  It’s just like buying organic food versus conventional food.  There is a premium set for those that want something better.

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