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This is a gardening, not a food post. A lasagna style garden bed is one in which layers of material that plants can grow in are put down on top of the soil. It’s a way of creating a garden bed without digging. Last fall I made a lasagna style bed using newspaper and leaves over an area that I had been mowing for 12 years. While I had my shovel out today, I checked what it looked like under the newspaper.

I was happy to see lots of earthworms. Before putting down the layer of 3-5 sheets of newspaper, I had sprinkled lime and cornmeal on the ground. Lime is a normal soil additive, but I read that earthworms are attracted to cornmeal. I tried it and it appears to have worked. I was digging and transplanting liriope from a spot just a few feet away from the bed where I had sprinkled cornmeal. There were definitely more worms in the area I had put the cornmeal.

My plan for the bed is to wait about 2 more months and then plant it with sweet potatoes. They thrive here normally if deer and rabbits are kept away. The earthworm tunnels and castings will hopefully provide a good root zone for them.

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