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It was really raining today, in fact, rain is in the forecast for the next week.  If you want to know the truth…the rain was the best thing to happen to me today.  I like being outside.  If the weather had been better I would have had a million reasons to just be outside.  Sounds great, but not when you have a pile of seed flats that have taken off and procrastination is your worst enemy.

I was originally going to just transplant my Red Spear broccoli, “Freckles” Romaine, and radicchio today.  These guys germinated quickly and with the bottom heat they really stretched.  Once I got started though I realized that life would be so much simpler, ( and my kitchen table would be much less cluttered),  if I transplanted everything from my seed flats into larger containers, and then moved the more cold hardy stuff to my porch.  So I transplanted my tomatoes (Black Krim, Yellow Brandywine, Sweet Million, and Yellow Tom Tumbler), Basil, and jalapenos.  I started all of these seeds on March 8th.  I also seeded Chocolate Bell Pepper, Cilantro, Eggplant and Peppermint at that time.  These babies are a little slower and just starting to come up now.

I still did get outside for a bit today!  Before the rain turned from a steady drizzle to the monsoon that it is now, I went out and hilled my winter leeks.  I had gotten a late start on them last fall, and honestly they had not done much until a week ago.  The combination of the warmer days, milder nights, and rain, has really kicked their butts into gear.  With leeks you need to either plant them in a trench and fill in the trench as they grow, or hill them.  This is to blanch them.  You know how leeks are known for that white part? Well if you don’t hill or trench them you will not get that white part and the green tops are tough. I do save the green parts of leeks though.  Just like the rest of my vegetable scraps.  I save them in the freezer and then when I have enough I make vegetable stock in the crockpot.  Where was I?? Oh , stuff I did outside.  As I was hilling my leeks I realised that I had a lot of primo growing space behind the leeks.  I decided to push the limits again and I seeded a row of “Rainbow Blend” carrots.  Aliums of any type are a great companion plant to carrots.  The heavy onion/garlic smell of aliums is a natural deterrent for the carrot rust aphid.

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