Let’s Go Solar – Part III – Done for now

So the panels are in and we are producing electricity.

“Well how do you know Vern ?”

Pretty simple. There is a screen on the charge controller that tells you about your system. The readout is pretty small, so I am getting some bigger gauges that have a large digital readout. That way from across the barn I can see how things are.

This is a photo of the current system. Very primitive. It really does not need to be overly complex to produce power safely. The box to the left is the fused power from the panels. The small box in the center of the photo is the charge controller. It tells the power where to go and what to do. The 2 boxes to the right are the inverters. The top one is a Grid-Tie inverter. This allows any additional electricity I produce to go back into the system. The one below that is a Stand Alone inverter. It only powers items attached to it using electricity from the panels. The lower left is my battery bank with several batteries. The batteries are used to power systems in low light conditions of if the power went off. Pretty simple.

Here is a picture of the charge controller readout. I created some circles around the important items. The red circle around the 06.0a. The is the amount of amps that the panels are creating. This picture was taken early in the morning under pretty low light, but the amount of power being generated is about 144 watts, or enough to power 2 light bulbs. Not great, but better than nothing.

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