Vegetable Patch Finally Started | Blackberry Hill Farm

After much planning and months of watching the sun position and other considerations I have finally chosen a spot for the Vegetable Patch

Then my wife said no and told me where she wanted it, so we will try it there.

As we have a sloping block it is across the slope hoping to make use of the natural rainfall and out the back of the the house near the Chooks and the orchard will be on the other side

There are 2 rows of approximately 16 metres by 1 metre at the moment.

Made it a lot easier to dig these long beds use my little orange tractor with the rotary hoe/tiller that come with it

Will cut these beds in half to make 4 beds for crop rotation is the idea at the moment, think this is the best way to tackle beds of this size and make them more manageable.

I’ve tried to angle the beds so the water will run long and down the next if there to much, sort of like swales is the idea

This will be increased as required and as my work life allows, working full time and away from home so much this year is a drag but I guess it does pay the bills.

Now to remove the larger rocks and improve the soil with mulch, straw and compost to help with water retention but not get to soggy.

As winter is coming I will try to get the beds ready for Spring and will get some green manure in for over that period.

Will be great to have a patch again as I really miss working in the soil and getting some produce for our family, neighbours and the Chooks.

Will post more over the coming weeks but off to clean out the Chicken Coop now

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