Sunday on the Homefront: Possible Food Forest

Hey Everyone!

Well, it’s official. If we get the house, Justin and I will be starting work on our own Edible Forest Garden. What started as a thought to use the abandoned acre on our future home turned into something better, much better. I have been diligently researching, checking out books and reading everything I can get my hands on. I have watched multiple documentaries on forest gardens, read at least half of 3 textbooks on the subject (I’m still working on it) and have planned ways to afford this venture. It’s looking extremely possible. However, I am not following permaculture rules (like the picture above might suggest). I’m not looking for a permaculture garden, I’m trying to build something that will run itself, with minimal work, after some time. I’m trying to build an ecosystem of native plants (and maybe some exotics) that will be able to sustain themselves, erase our carbon footprint and possibly feed others besides ourselves.

Over the past few months three things have become incredibly important to me. They were important all along, but I’m finally peeling back the layers and finding them in their raw state. First, Self-Sufficiency. I want to provide us with almost all the things we need without exterior inputs. Second, Efficiency. This has always been important to me, if you are going to do something, do it once, do it right, make it last. Third, though still important, Environment Rebuilding. I am sickened by the state of this planet, especially the US, and the way things are run. People who have no business making or controlling food are doing just that and killing the rest of us along with the ecosystem. Even if I can’t stop the damage, I can create my own Eden and at least slow it down, even if it’s so minuscule it doesn’t matter. It matters to me and it matters to my well being. I need an Eden more than ever, so I’m going to make it.

The plan is simple and not over thought. Instead of worrying and planning for months to get the perfect trees and the perfect balance, I’m going to cut a walking path on our property. Along that path I will plant whatever annuals I want (a healthy mix of course), I will plant my 50 Moringa trees for compost and I will plant native trees. I have designated a few areas to create “forests” and I will plant those more densely with trees. We plan on ordering all of our trees from the Arbor Day Foundation, which means we’ll get 10 free trees toward our forest as well. We will also be planting sweet potatoes and extra seeds along the path for extra foraging pleasure. It should be quite awesome!

We’re also going to be buying lilacs to shade the south side of the house. Since the house does not have any air conditioning and we CANNOT afford to run a window unit, or for that matter, buy one, we’ll be planting lilacs. We’ll get those from the Arbor Day Foundation as well. Through the summer I’ll keep you all updated with photos, I know you’ll love it!

Anyway, we are gonna have to raise about $250 for the trees, which is doable. And after that it’s just a lot of hard work. I can’t wait to show it off once we get it in!

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