Is Coca-Cola going Green or just Greenwashing? | My Blog

My greenwashing example is a picture from Coca Cola company, they are advertising their plastic bottle as being made from plant materials. Greenwashing is an example of a company or business that advertises their products as being environmentally friendly to encourage customers that their products are good or safe for the environment. Usually greenwashing is presented to the public through a colorful picture sometimes containing flowers or trees. In this image, the Coca Cola bottle is sitting inside a plant, and the leaves are surrounding the bottle, it almost looks like that the plant is sprouting a coke. This is their way of showing that the plastic bottles that are made are partially plant-based. They are drawing attention to their product and portraying it as being a environmentally responsible bottle. This is just an advertising tool that the company is using to improve sales.

Since Coca Cola does produce a product that does contain a certain percent of water, they also are responsible for using a lot of clean water for their product. Coca Cola could focus less on promoting their products for sales, and start addressing their other non eco-friendly characteristics. Perhaps the company should focus more on how to promote consumers to consume less plastic, or encourage more recycling of the bottles. When coca cola advertises its bottles as already being eco-friendly, consumers will feel less responsible and may not recycle the bottle. I understand that glass is more expensive but I actually prefer glass over plastic, you can clean it over and over and it doesn’t make what ever your drinking taste like plastic. I think it would be difficult for the company to stop their production of plastic bottles all together because of consumers reactions and money spent on all glass. For this to become a reality there would be a need for a social, cultural, technological and economic transformation.

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