Our soft and squishy foundation | Rebalancing Acts

Today I was going to write a nice tidy post about soil. Because soil is so tidy, right? But soil ecology, it’s important! It is quite literally the foundation of ecosystems; I trust I don’t have to explain why. And more and more evidence points to the fact that, if you treat your soil well, you get healthier crops, carrying more nutrients, AND you are proceeding in a way that is healthier for the entire ecosystem. Win-win. (Unless you’re a company trying to sell fertilizers or soil amendments or pesti/herbi/fungicides.)

I still want to try and write about that, because it’s important to understand this part of ecological processes, too, AND it’s all connected with all the interconnected problems industrialized agriculture/society has created – but the problem is that in reading one of several articles I’ve saved related to soil, I ran into something that knocked some wires askew in my head with respect to more spiritual aspects of soil, and connections to the land – and I’m not real sure how to proceed with all this soil stuff right now, at least in what would be my typical dry straightforward fact-based way.

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