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Finally, 60 degrees outside.  It was the longest day at work.  I stopped by the market to get milk on my way and picked up two local papers, The Healthy Planet, and the Gateway Gardener.  After letting my chickens out and petting the bunnies, I sat on our back deck to read my papers. Very soon, the chickens were all sunning on the deck behind me.  What got my attention was the pecking on the back door.  When I turned around, this is what I saw; 6 hens and a rooster staring at me.  Chickens are really into positive reinforcement and I am their stimulus.   My flock consists of two of the five original chicks I started with 4 years ago, and various other ages, with a total of 11 birds.  They are a constant source of entertainment for me.  Today they kept me company while I enjoyed my papers and the beautiful weather.

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