Tree Spacing

I spent a day spacing out about our new trees. Actually, I was thinking about how to space them out. I looked through all of the tags on the fruit trees and checked out the descriptions of the nut trees on Gurney’s. Then, I compiled the spacing and size data on a document so that I can have the information in one place when I walk the property and measure out tree spots.

The largest nut trees will probably line the sides of our property. The smaller nut trees, the hazelnuts and hardy almonds, will be closer in, and the fruit will fill out most of the cleared area behind our house. The trees that pollinate each other will be clustered, and I plan to stagger the plantings so that every one can receive some sunshine from the south. We might place the Chicago Hardy Figs on the south side (long, down-slope side) of the garage so that they receive some extra warmth and protection. We’ll see if these possible planting spaces are suitable once we get outside with a measuring tape.