Adventures in Chicken Keeping – Take Two

ADVENTURE 01 – Not so sure this is an adventure! But we added wood ash to the dirt floor under my chickens coop last night after removing the plastic and furring strips to my chickens dusting area last night. They walked right up to it and started to chew on the wood again. I give up!
Snowball enjoying a sun bath on top of a four bale pile of hay.  
SETTING THE SCENE: Since we have been having 40-50 degree sunny weather in Michigan I have been leaving the doors open to the girls covered run. They can, if they wish, walk out of the covered run and around the ground of their coop, traveling in a kind of small circle. There is still a LOT of snow in their fenced in run but they have a small area about the size of a large dining room table to get around in that is protected by a large tarp and covered with leaves and bark chips. Sort of a mini run. After a long winter of being stuck in the covered run they like the freedom of going in and out of the doors, into the open sunny and breezy run and exploring this area; scratch in the leaves, dig up dirt along the fence and eating it  – chickens…you know what I mean….
Turn your eyes and they are back up on the piles of straw.
THE ADVENTURE PART: I left them in the outside run area and went into the house for just a few minutes. I was keeping my eyes on them through my windows. The fence is 4 ft. high but these Cochin’s like to fly so they have been known to jump up on the sections of hay bales that we use as a wind break around their coop. So I was carefully watching, just in case. After a few minutes I look out and all four of them are up on the four-high bale stack just surveying their property and sunbathing. I ran out to shoo them down forgetting my camera of course so no visuals available.
Can’t trust these teenage girls to behave for 15 minutes!!
Small House Homesteader, Donna