Seed Sowing | A Somerset Garden

Not a very exciting post – simply a record of what seeds have been sown today to monitor germination times and success rates.

Following seeds sown in pots in heated propagator:


Sweet Pepper (California Wonder)

Chili Pepper (De Cayenne)

Tomato (4 varieties: Ailsa Craig, F1 Sweet Million, F1 Santonio, San Marzano)

Cabbage (Greyhound)

Broccoli (Purple Sprouting)

Lettuce (Great lakes)



Petunia (2 varieties: Duo F1 Mixed, Milliflora Fantasy Mixed)

Geranium (6 varieties: Geronimo, Tango Orange, Avanti Salmon, Hollywood, White Orbit)

Dahlia (2 varieties: Clangers Mixed, Yankee Doodle)

Rudbeckia (Marmalade)

Penstemon (Esprit)

Following do not need a high temperature for germination and have been left on a windowsill to give an approximate temperature of 18 degrees C:

Agapanthus (Headbourne Hybrids)


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