Did You Know That You Can Recycle A/C Water For Gardening? | Ladies Gardening Club

In most instances, water that is condensed from the air conditioner is normally drained into the sewer.  The water is then lost and does not get used in any meaningful way. The problem is that many people do not realize that this water (condensate) can be recycled and used for various purposes including being used in your garden.  Accordingly, you need to learn how to recycle air conditioner water for your garden.  Many businesses have in the recent past adopted this style of harvesting water from air conditioners.

Air conditioning systems tend to build a humid, warm air from a space in the unit and then transform it into cool air which is then blown back into the space. When the humid warm air comes in contact with the refrigerated air on the coils, the water vapor is then turned into liquid.  The liquid should be drained from the coils immediately so as to prevent damage. The amount of condensate that is produced by an air conditioner is varied and can be anywhere between 5 to 20 gallons per day for a house. Millions of gallons can be produced per year in apartment buildings and business setups.

Collection Barrel

All air conditioners which produce condensate have a drain line.  In most homes, this is normally a hose which drains from the coils in the system.  The hose flows into a drain on the floor, sewer line or just outside to the yard.  A good way to recycle air conditioner water in your home is to have the drain line running into a rainwater barrel or a storage container.  Since one system can produce up to 20 gallons in a single day, this can be a major water recycling project.  However, the barrel has to be checked to ensure that it does not overflow and lead to water damage.


Apart from the collection barrel, a condensate pump might be required in order to drain water to a certain location.  This is especially the case if the condensate water is to flow uphill.   For instance, if it drains into the basement, the condensate pump will be required to pump the water up and out of the basement into your garden.  You can pump the water directly into your irrigation systems or water gardens.

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