Living Small. Gardening. Fukuoka methods.

To-day we begin looking at the ideas, techniques and methods used to create small gardens. These techniques are scaleable to small area farming and even to broadacre situations. We will be focussing upon their gardening applications.

Fukuoka Natural Gardening methods.

The principles behind the Fukuoka method is to let Nature be. It is sometimes called “Do-nothing” gardening.

The idea, as observed by Fukuoka, is the succession of plants in the wild. Winter grasses grow through the dying and decaying remains of the summer grasses and vice versa. This seems obvious but the break through point is this: the land does not need cultivating by humans.

So to garden in the Fukuoka method requires sowing of the next crop into the remnants of the last. Sometimes this requires the seeds to be coated in clay for protection from birds, sometimes they are simply broadcast.

This is a simple but not necessarily easy system to learn and use. I continue to attempt to employ it with some success but not total. Each season I learn.

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