Season 3 Episode 5 — The End of Plenty, book by Joel K. Bourne — The Real Food Chain

Co-host links: The Real Food Chain Rich Bowden Writing World Organic News Welcome to Season 3, episode 5 of the season dedicated to wholefoods in the marketplace. This week, your co-hosts Jon Moore and Rich Bowden take a long view of wholefoods and the importance of organic food in the need to feed the world. […]

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The Messenger’

This is my first venture as a film promoter!

I saw the film ‘The Messenger’ at a small screen at The Broadway and watched people being turned away as it was full.

As someone passionate about birds and our our natural environment I was determined to give the folk of Nottingham another chance.

So,I’m looking forward to the screening of ‘The Messenger’ on Sunday 1 April at 2:30pm at The Bonington Theatre Arnold 

Thanks to the Friends of Bestwood Country Park Under 16’s go free!!! 

‘Su Rynard’s wide-ranging and contemplative documentary THE MESSENGER
explores our deep-seated connection to birds and warns that the uncertain
fate of songbirds might mirror our own. Moving from the northern reaches of
the Boreal Forest to the base of Mount Ararat in Turkey to the streets of New
York, THE MESSENGER brings us face-to-face with a remarkable variety of
human-made perils that have devastated thrushes, warblers, orioles, tanagers,
grosbeaks and many other airborne music-makers.
On one level, THE MESSENGER is an engaging, visually stunning, emotional
journey, one that mixes its elegiac message with hopeful notes and unique
glances into the influence of songbirds on our own expressions of the soul. On
another level, THE MESSENGER is the artful story about the mass depletion of
songbirds on multiple continents, and about those who are working to turn
the tide.
In ancient times humans looked to the flight and songs of birds to protect the
future. Today once again, birds have something to tell us’.

Concessions £4.50

For anyone looking to get tickets here’s the link!'%20defer='defer’ defer=’defer_uacct = “UA-1605524-1”; urchinTracker();

Ranch Journal ~ February 19, 2018

I’ve started painting the guest room. 
There’s no turning back now.  
Smooch thinks I’ve lost my mind, and she’s probably right.
I’m painting the trim first. Google insisted that I had to sand off the existing varnish 
so that the primer and paint will adhere correctly, but it also said 
I could use this liquid sander deglosser to do the work for me. 
The guy in the paint department at Home Depot seconded Google’s opinion,
so I went for it.

The primer went on smoothly and stuck. So far, so good.
I’m trying hard to do this right and without mishaps, but in the end,
I am, and probably always will be, a terrible and very cranky painter.
I’m not painting the closet doors or the entry door, for now anway.
If my bent-over body recovers, I’ll apply “Palais White” paint over the primer today.
I’ve yet to decide what color to paint the walls, but I have decided that 
this will be the ONLY room in the house with painted trim.
It’s simply too damned much work. I’m counting on all of you 
to remember this declaration if you ever see me considering otherwise.